Job Listing

POSTED: December 11, 2019

Applications Administrator

Ithaca College
Ithaca, NY
Full time
Technical (Programmer, Developer, Analyst)
$65,000 to $70,000

Responsible for application software and systems integrations for Ithaca College’s information systems. This includes installation, configuration, patching, upgrades and maintenance of middle-tier, application software, and some databases. Integrate single sign-on service for a variety of applications and services and proactively troubleshoot application stack performance. Maintain and develop maintenance policies and procedures. Work in collaboration with a team of information technology staff to maintain and operate clustered and load balanced hardware/software environments across multiple platforms both on premises and in the cloud to create a college wide computing environment. Work with the team to manage design, installation, upgrade, maintenance and troubleshooting of these application and system stacks on multiple technologies.

1. Work with product owners to maintain the technical operation of the Ithaca College applications and services. Design, build, and maintain tools and utilities that assist with product upgrades, capacity and performance management, monitoring and tuning for platform usage.

2. Improve administration of our infrastructure by collaborating to implement industry standards in software as a service, infrastructure as code, and containers to automate systems, applications, and operational tasks to improve reliability and performance.

3. Support version control for implementation, configuration, custom scripting, and application deployments.

4. Benchmark and performance testing (execute test procedures and document test results) of core integrations, access, security and infrastructure. Support and ensure processes are in place for instance recovery.

5. Support, troubleshoot and integrate middleware into database application systems.

6. Assist software developers with dynamic application features such as authentication, authorization, auditing, configuration management, or debugging middle-tier applications.

7. Develop and demonstrate a multicultural awareness and contribute to cultivating an inclusive, diverse and respectful College community. Demonstrate civil and inclusive behavior when interacting with staff, faculty, students and visitors to the College. Promote a flexible, collaborative and inclusive work and living environment and engage in educational opportunities to increase awareness and understanding of diversity and inclusion.

8. Document detailed, accurate and complete step by step instructions for technical tasks. Follow and improve on written workflow processes and policies.

Experience with application administration, monitoring and automation using tools such as Apache Tomcat or Web Logic, Docker or Kubernetes, Ansible, Puppet or similar tool sets. Strong interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to effectively work and interact respectfully within a diverse and inclusive environment. Excellent organizational and documentation skills. Knowledge of administering and automating application software, systems, and databases preferred.
Bachelor’s degree preferred; an equivalent combination of certifications or experience will be considered.
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