Top 6 Things About NERCOMP

1 Who We Are

NERCOMP is a non-profit consortium serving higher education library and IT professionals since 1956. An Association Partner of EDUCAUSE, composed of nearly 300 colleges and universities, NERCOMP is run by a Board of Trustees elected from among member institutions.


“Who is NERCOMP?  NERCOMP is you.  NERCOMP is me.  Such a cliché, and yet so accurate.  When I moved into higher education from industry many years ago, NERCOMP was a tremendous resource.  I gained so much value from making connections with professionals from schools large and small.  I now keep awareness of upcoming professional development events as a point of emphasis with my management team.  The events are local, engaging, and content-rich.  For organizations with limited budgets, there really is no better value.  “

Kevin Brassard, NERCOMP Chair, CIO, Nichols College

2 Member Benefits

NERCOMP membership includes discounted license agreements, the ability to attend professional development events and the Annual Conference at a member rate, free job postings on the NERCOMP website, and numerous opportunities to connect and collaborate with peers.


NERCOMP is an absolute treasure!  The diverse and continually evolving professional development programming, the fabulous annual conference, the multitude of ways to make lasting professional connections, and the many opportunities to get involved continue to have a very meaningful impact on my growth as a professional.

Aura Lippincott, Instructional Designer, Western Connecticut State University


3 Annual Conference

The NERCOMP Annual Conference plays a pivotal role in bringing our community together--connecting peers, sharing successes and challenges, and enhancing our collective learning. 


“NERCOMP is just the "right size" conference.  The sessions are engaging, strategic and solutions oriented.  I always bring back ideas from the conference to share with my team.  This past year, we have hired a few staff in leadership positions from outside higher education, and I am asking each one of them to attend the 2017 NERCOMP Annual conference."

Param Bedi, Vice President & Chief Information Officer, Bucknell University


4 Vendor Licensing

Member institutions pool their buying power for deep discounts on licensing for everything from server and office software to security and cloud storage.  NERCOMP currently has 18 vendor agreement in place and the vendor committee is always evaluating new vendors to serve member needs.

“Across our 15 years of Membership, NERCOMP has saved our institution hundreds of thousands of dollars in license agreements.  NERCOMP is the first place we go to look for discounted license agreements. “

Dr. George F. Claffey Jr., VP & CIO, CCSU

5 Professional Development

NERCOMP hosts an average of 50 face to face professional development events each year.  Topics range from Security and Instructional Design to hands on training. NERCOMP also hosts monthly online webinars that are free to member institutions.

"NERCOMP's professional development programs are the richest and most congenial places I know to gather with colleagues around topics of shared interest, to learn from what others are doing, and to present on the ways our institutions are approaching common challenges. For me and for members of my team, NERCOMP represents a cost-effective, highly worthwhile way to engage with colleagues and to share knowledge and practices."

Dr. Gina M. Siesing, CIO, Bryn Mawr College

6 Networking Opportunities & Communities of Practice

For 60 years NERCOMP has nurtured an environment of sharing and collaboration through professional development events  and the Annual Conference.  Our Communities of Practice (CoP’s) bring together members with common interests to ask questions, share information, and collaborate with peers.

Mark Davis photo


“Networking opportunities are about planting relationships and watching them grow. NERCOMP’s framework truly offers an engaging environment where professional development opportunities, ideas sharing and building valuable partnerships are at its core. Whether serving on a Committee, participating in a CoP, attending the annual conference or leading a PDO, I have experienced the overwhelming benefits of being a NERCOMP member and seeing my professional and personal connections grow!“

Mark CJ Davis, Jr., Manager of Desktop Services, Swarthmore College