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Nate Rowe
Senior Account Executive
Updated : April 17, 2018


OOHLALA Mobile is the preferred choice of over 200 higher ed institutions worldwide, offering custom mobile campus app solutions that enable colleges and universities to personalize the student experience and support engagement.

Student engagement and persistence pose a significant challenge in higher education. Our mission is to make college a successful journey for every student.

The OOHLALA platform is designed to support student success by unifying campus resources and services – LMS, co-curricular, athletics, clubs/orgs, events and many more – within a branded, integrated, college app. By adopting the OOHLALA platform, students are given access to academic information, can communicate easily with peers and faculty, and can receive real-time updates about events and campus activities. In turn, administrators are able to track student engagement, get immediate feedback, and send targeted content and communication to their students.

Clear communication between a student and their institution is crucial when it comes to having a positive higher learning experience. Going mobile bridges this communication gap, connecting hundreds of thousands of students with their administrators, their campus, and most importantly, their peers, both on and off campus. For more information, visit www.oohlalamobile.com.  

License Start Date
February 15, 2018
License End Date
February 15, 2021
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