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License Start Date: Wednesday, December 13, 2017
License End Date: December 13, 2020


Executive Summary – NERCOMP

How do I find out More?

Jake Schwamb
Winthrop Resources Corporation
451 D Street, Suite 103
Boston, MA 02110
Office Phone 617.217.6959
Cell Phone 617.999.4958

Updated : August 7, 2018

A Better Way to Pay – Webinar Recording: Feb 13, 2018

Winthrop Resources, a NERCOMP partner, has been providing a better way to pay for technology to educational institutions of all sizes since 1982.  Winthrop’s financial solutions provide a lower risk strategy for addressing today’s disruptive environment and they make how you pay for your technology a competitive differentiator for your institution.

Winthrop’s custom finance structures and utility billing (pay as you use) funding models enable you to make the right technology sourcing decisions, swap or upgrade technology whenever necessary and allows for the preservation of cash / lines of credit, all while avoiding the risks of obsolescence and end-of-life disposal issues.  As a NERCOMP partner, NERCOMP members will receive special pricing incentives, vendor objective procurement consulting and sharing of best practices throughout the NERCOMP membership network.



License Start Date
Wednesday, December 13, 2017
License End Date
December 13, 2020
NERCOMP Negotiator:

Ananda Jones – on behalf of V&L