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About Us/Strategic Plan
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Strategic Plan

The NERCOMP board has recently completed a year long strategic planning process, and unanimously approved the new three year strategic plan.

Key Goals

NERCOMP continually refines its strategic goals to remain relevant to higher education. We are currently working on our Strategic Goals for 2020 – 2023.



NERCOMP will have a well-deserved reputation among educational institutions within its service area for delivering unmatched value to its members.



NERCOMP will provide a framework to promote and support engagement among communities, leading to increased partnerships, enhanced innovation and financial benefits.



NERCOMP will secure the organization’s strength and long-term stability by stewarding its resources vigorously and intentionally developing its future leadership.

New Initiatives & Services

As we execute this plan, we hope you find great value in some of these new initiatives and services:

A broadened geographic scope for professional development events.
New strategic partnerships that will bring greater value to the membership.
More webinars and online professional development opportunities.
Opportunities for schools to get a better understanding of their overall engagement with NERCOMP through reports.
Increased community of practice opportunities.

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