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Advertising Paragraph Examples

Advertising Paragraph Examples

Example One:

Supporting Online Programs
Making decisions regarding the best operational strategies for an effective online learning support infrastructure is a complex process. It involves many constituents within an institution and is critical to the success of your online learning initiative. This workshop will provide different perspectives and strategies to aid in making these important decisions. Topics to be covered include changing institutional culture, strategies for justifying the need for financial resources, organizational structure of support services, outsourcing services, and user support request processes.

Attendees will have many opportunities to ask questions and engage in discussions throughout the workshop. They will be asked to reflect upon the challenges they face within their institution and will leave with ideas on strategies that may work best on their campus.

Session Outcomes:
• Identify the top challenges faced by online learning support departments and effective strategies to address them.
• Evaluate multiple organizational structure options and assess the benefits and drawbacks to outsourcing various support services
• Define a strategy for collaboration between academic and IT support services to provide a simplified support request process for users on campus and online


Example Two:

M2M Solutions Summit
The M2M Solutions Summit is about calling upon the collective expertise of the NERCOMP membership to drive a micro-consulting experience that matches members with specific challenges to members who have solved those challenges.

As market forces accelerate the pace of higher education organizational shape-shifting along with changes in constituent needs and expectations, the work of evolving, maintaining and synchronizing technological and organizational infrastructure, support and services seems more challenging than ever. Member to member (M2M), we can leverage our experience and expertise to yield new insights and approaches to solving the challenges that exist for each of us.

Participating in this venue will provide members the opportunity to be both consultant and client, extend and share their consultant/client insights in groups to devise roadmaps to solutions and deepen connections across the membership. Morning and afternoon speaker will utilize a systems thinking framework to connect IT and organizational dynamics that will inform the micro-consulting experience and road map development.


Example Three:

Research Technology Services
This workshop will focus on the IT services available to support our research communities, with an emphasis on managing the data challenge we all face. The world of today’s interdisciplinary research—heavily influenced by the data explosion generated by the Internet, along with the rapid pace of technological advances—requires a portfolio of high-quality, 24/7 services that flexible, affordable, reliable and safe. Collaboration needs to be at the core of these services to allow researchers to focus on their work while IT professionals focus on the technology tools that can illuminate their next discovery. This workshop will address high-performance computing, bioinformatics, storage/archiving, data management, and more. With research being a critical mission at most higher education institutions, it’s important to dedicate a workshop to such a topic.

Session Outcomes:

  • To expose attendees to the challenges and solutions generated by the data deluge experienced by all higher-education research institutions.
  • Foster passionate discussions around this topic with a particular focus on the “Service Broker vs Service Provider” and “On Premise vs Off Premise” options during group activities.


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