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The NERCOMP Awards Program recognizes the professional accomplishments of individual NERCOMP members.

Katie Vale Memorial Scholarship Archives


Alison Murray

Alison Murray

University Of Massachusetts - Boston

“I am so very grateful to be this year’s recipient of the Katie Vale Memorial Scholarship. I feel validated that even though I do not know the specifics of my trajectory, I am on the right path and capable of continuing my journey in new directions with the support of my community. I am very much looking forward to the upcoming connections and possibilities that lie ahead, both personal and technological. Being awarded this scholarship will allow me to honor the legacy and spirit of Katie Vale by extending my current community connections and resources to a new shared spaces with like-minded professionals, learn from them, share with them, and ultimately broaden and deepen my work back within my home community with a refueled vigor.”


Kristin Ziska Strange

Tufts University

"Receiving the Katie Vale Scholarship is incredibly important to me as it reinforces my drive to create and occupy a professional network focused on student-centered, tech-enhanced learning experiences for all learners. I love to be surrounded by other people who are inspired by the possible futures of our changing technology landscapes and are ready to help lead our organizations and students into new and exciting ways of connecting and learning.”


Annabelle Halliday

Yale University

“Winning the Katie Vale Scholarship gives me reassurance that my goals are attainable regardless of my gender or race. It’s a small reminder that I belong in the higher education technology space.”

Jessica Ludders

University of Maine

“Being awarded the Katie Vale Memorial Scholarship is creating opportunities for me to engage with peers as I continue to grow in my abilities to support faculty with technology use and pedagogical best practices. I'm interested in the nuances of leadership and teaching that make these very personal experiences, and I am excited to learn more from my peers about other approaches and perspectives at the NERCOMP Annual Conference.”


Sonia Sandoval

Sonia Sandoval

Union College

“Winning the Katie Vale Scholarship has been transformative. I've been emboldened to pursue new leadership opportunities but the true reward has been the community of thoughtful and progressive leaders. I feel supported in my career and I look forward to supporting others in their efforts so that we can continue to build a diverse, agile community.”


Deanna Headshot

Deanna Malloy

Hofstra University

“The Katie Vale scholarship has had a positive impact on my personal and professional journey. Winning the scholarship helped me to take a chance and apply for a leadership position at my current institution. My confidence was significantly boosted and winning helped me believe that I could do more.”


Shauna'h Fuegen

Shauna'h Fuegen

Bates College

“Winning the Katie Vale Scholarship brought me so much confidence in myself as a future leader. The incredibly warm welcome I received from the NERCOMP organization and conference attendees was very affirming and helped me dare to dream of new career paths and leadership growth. I am so grateful for the award and how it shaped the future of my career as a woman in technology.”


Rebecca Miller

Harvard University

“It was a true honor to be selected as the inaugural recipient of the Katie Vale Scholarship. Attending the annual NERCOMP conference for the first time under the auspices of this award helped me to feel immediately connected to the community of IT professionals in higher ed. I am continually inspired by the new recipients every year as well as by the dedication of the selection committee to Katie’s legacy, and I am grateful that I am able to continue working with them!”

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