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Partners/Licensing Agreements
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Licensing Agreements

One of the cornerstones of NERCOMP member benefits is consortium licensing.

By joining NERCOMP, member schools pool their buying power for deep discounts on licenses for everything from server and office software to security and cloud storage.

Vendors can connect with a huge audience of potential customers with the added convenience of one-stop negotiation and administration via a consortium agreement with NERCOMP. Institutional license and/or service agreements are then entered into directly between individual consortium members and vendors.

NERCOMP negotiates discounted pricing and favorable terms with its vendor partners and helps to facilitate these agreements on behalf of its consortium members and vendor partners. In order to participate in these NERCOMP discounts your institution must be in good membership standing with NERCOMP throughout the term of the agreement.  Though the vast majority of NERCOMP members can benefit from the discounted pricing options, NERCOMP membership does not guarantee eligibility to participate in all vendor agreements.

For more information, see Legal Note below.

NERCOMP negotiates the best prices and terms possible for its members and works with outside legal counsel to facilitate the arrangements between NERCOMP and its Vendor partners. The NERCOMP-Vendor partnership is structured with an over-arching Consortium-Vendor Agreement between NERCOMP and the Vendor; individual members are not parties to the Consortium Agreement. Individual Members then enter into contracts directly with the Vendors under the umbrella of the Consortium Agreement. The individual Member-Vendor agreements are modified by the Consortium Agreement to include discounted pricing and any additional terms negotiated on behalf of the members by NERCOMP.

Outside counsel conducts an initial review of Vendor licenses and agreements on behalf of the NERCOMP membership as a whole but does not provide an individualized legal review on behalf of any particular member institution. Each member institution signs its contracts with vendors individually and the institution itself is liable for the rights and obligations therein. Members are strongly encouraged to have their contracts reviewed internally by their own counsel.

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