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Session Ideas/All Session Ideas/2020-2021/Teaching & Learning/Developing pathways for engagement

Developing pathways for engagement

June 4, 2020 2020-2021All Session IdeasTeaching & Learning

Submitted by: April Bellafiore, Director of Multi-Modal Education, College of Natural Sciences at UMass Amherst

Contact Info:
Phone: 6037813848

What role would you like to play in organizing this workshop? I’m interested in organizing a workshop on this topic.

Intended Audience: Instructional designers, support staff, librarians


Although there are institutions who have been teaching science courses online for many years, for some institutions the pivot to remote learning, hybrid models, and fully online learning has been a more challenging transition. I envision a microlearning session - perhaps a few - where participants can get together to share ideas, discuss strategies, and assess the student and faculty experience. Given that for many institutions fall will be the first time they are embarking on science education online I'm thinking that having a session specifically focused on STEM education might be helpful.

Event Type: Microlearning Session

Track: Teaching & Learning

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Preferred Date and Location: September 2020, October 2020, November 2020, December 2020, January 2021, February 2021, March 2021, April 2021, May 2021, June 2021

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