Intro to Accessibility Testing and Monitoring Webinar

Intro to Accessibility Testing and Monitoring Tools - Webinar

Where: Webinar/Virtual

When: Tuesday, July 17, 2018
1:00pm - 2:00pm

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Workshop Organizer:  Deque

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Event Overview
The most cost-effective way to scale and ensure your university’s websites and digital content are accessible is an organized accessibility testing and monitoring program.

To do this, your accessibility specialists, content contributors, webmasters and developers should be using a mix of automated and manual testing tools to catch accessibility defects and your websites and digital content should continually be monitored and reported on.

CB Averitt, Principal Accessibility Consultant at Deque, will walk you through:

  • Why Universities should integrate accessibility testing early and often.
  • Implementing a mix of automated and manual accessibility testing, and why accessibility requires a dual approach.
  • How your team can use axe, our free, open source automated testing tool so they can catch up to 30% of issues while they code.
  • What type of monitoring tools are out there and the benefits of continually monitoring and reporting on your website, content, and tools.

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