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"Collections as Data": An Archival Perspective

Where: Southbridge Hotel & Conference Center
14 Mechanic Street
Southbridge, MA 01550
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When: Wednesday, January 22, 2020
9:00am - 3:00pm
Note: Registration starts at 7:30am

Workshop Organizer:  Greta Kuriger Suiter of Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Registration Fee:
Early-bird rate prior to December 11 - $123.25 (15% discount)
Rate December 11 and after - $145

Non Member:
Early-bird rate prior to December 11 - $246.50 (15% discount)
Rate December 11 and after - $290

The registration fee includes am and pm break and lunch.

Event Overview
Are you an archivist, librarian, or researcher interested in collecting, preserving and providing access to digital collections as data? Cultural institutions have been digitizing their holdings for decades in efforts to reach broader audiences. More recently, “Collections as data” has emerged as a concept that posits digitized collections, born-digital collections, and metadata about collections be made available for not just access, but also computational use. 

Join us to learn how at the MIT Libraries, we are exploring the concept of the library as a laboratory, a site for exploration, discovery, and experimentation with our collections. We foresee the library as an open and interactive site for access to information, as well as a site for knowledge production.

This workshop will explore the following questions:
 - What does the concept “collections as data” mean for rare and unique materials?
 - How can cultural institution workers collaborate better internally and externally and incorporate a "collections as data" mindset into their work?
 - How are the values of equity, diversity, and inclusion manifested in “collections as data” work?

Session Outcomes:
 - Articulate what “collections as data” is and what the implications are for archivists, librarians, researchers, and other cultural heritage professionals.
 - Provide and identify examples of “collections as data”.
 - Develop interdisciplinary and interdepartmental collaborations around “collections as data” projects.

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