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Help! How can I use Media/Multimedia for an Assignment?


Help! How Can I Use Media/Multimedia for an Assignment?

Where: The College of the Holy Cross
Hogan Campus Center 
College Street Gate 7
Worcester, MA
Directions and Map
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When: Wednesday, September 25, 2019
9:00am - 3:00pm 
Note: Registration starts at 7:30am

Workshop Organizer: Michael McIntire of University of New Hampshire

Registration Fee:
NERCOMP Member:  $145
Non Member:  $290
The registration fee includes am break and lunch.

Event Overview
Have you ever had to use media in support of faculty at your university? Or been asked to train students and staff in the use of media for projects/assignments but don’t know where to start? Faculty often assign media to students for projects but there often aren’t good support models to assist. This workshop will focus on leading you through how to put the support in place.

We’ll explore a variety of ways to support this kind of work from low-cost and scalable solutions through what it takes to provide a full lab with equipment for students to use (i.e. audio and/or video that encompasses interviews, lecture/presentation recordings, VR/AR, etc.)

Presenters will discuss why media projects are beneficial to student engagement and retention of knowledge, as well as how to lead students through the ethical creation of media and why that is important. 

Who should attend
This workshop is targeted for people whose role involves supporting faculty. This may include, but is not limited to, Instructional Designers, Academic Technologists, and Library staff.

Session Outcomes:
- Understand the full scope of supporting media projects as assignments on a college campus.
- Identify strategies to support media creation, including ideas for partners and ways to scale support.


Registration Cancellation Policy:
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Event Disclaimer:
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