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Session Ideas/All Session Ideas/2020-2021/Systems & Solutions/Moving behavioral science research and teaching online

Moving behavioral science research and teaching online

May 5, 2020 2020-2021All Session IdeasSystems & Solutions

Submitted by: Jason S Radford, Research Program Manager at Northeastern University

Contact Info:
Phone: 2522130806

What role would you like to play in organizing this workshop? I’m interested in organizing a workshop on this topic.

Intended Audience: University IT Administrators and Academic Deans


With universities closing their campuses and governments issuing restrictions on social gatherings, lab-based social and behavioral research is grinding to a halt. This situation is urgent. Current studies are being disrupted and planned studies cannot get underway until they are adapted to the new reality. Moreover, students cannot learn how to do behavioral research in class without access to the physical lab. This workshop will provide university administrators with an overview of what types of social and behavioral research can be moved online and how the online lab can be used in undergraduate and graduate-level courses.

The first half of the workshop will focus on existing research and tooling while the second half will focus on Volunteer Science as a use-case for moving studies online and using the lab in the classroom. Volunteer Science is a platform for building studies and recruiting participants created by leading experts in online research methods at Northeastern University.

Learning Objectives:
1. Identify what research methods can be performed online
2. Gain exposure to the tools for doing online behavioral methods in class and for research.

Event Type: Webinar/virtual

Track: Systems & Solutions

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Name Title Summary
Jason Radford Research Program Manager, Northeastern University; CEO Volunteer Science Dr Jason Radford is a Research Program Manager at Northeastern University and the CEO of Volunteer Science, Inc.

Preferred Date and Location: Webinar - September 2020, Webinar - October 2020, Webinar - November 2020, Webinar - December 2020, Webinar - January 2021, Webinar - February 2021, Webinar - March 2021, Webinar - April 2021, Webinar - May 2021, Webinar - June 2021, Backup for unexpected cancellation

Dates Not Available: None

Additional Comments:
There is a conflict of interest that must be managed. Volunteer Science is a private company run by Jason. For this webinar however, Jason will be represented himself in his role as Research Program manager at Northeastern University. As such, this talk will be primarily aimed at the research around online behavioral studies and the variety of tools available for creating and conducting behavioral studies which include Volunteer Science, but also a host of others including Mechanical Turk, jsPsych, and oTree.

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