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NERCOMP Announces Partnership with New Horizons to Offer More Professional Development Opportunities to Members

Industry NewsDecember 4, 2017

In June of 2015 New Horizons and NERCOMP partnered to bring additional professional development opportunities to the NERCOMP membership.

Since then they have co-sponsored 28 successful events in 6 locations throughout the NERCOMP territory.  Attendees are finding a lot of value in attending these discounted membership courses:

“The New Horizon SQL Database Training I attended was exceptional.  The extremely knowledgeable in-person faculty member, the virtual training environment and the dedicating 3 days to attend was exactly what I needed.  The benefit of the NERCOMP discount attracted me to the course.   I hope NERCOMP and New Horizon will have more offerings in the future either instructor lead or their Online Live training.”

“I signed up for a SQL training course as a way to expand my knowledge and this course exceeded my expectations. I gained a better understanding of database design best practices, and was also able to grasp the inner workings of SQL functionality. Some concepts that were completely foreign to me were applied just a few days after completing the course. Overall, a valuable learning experience in a very hands-on and interactive environment!  Looking forward to future NERCOMP training sessions.”

“The instructor was excellent, and it was nice to be in a classroom solely with other higher-ed professionals who have more similar environments to me than usual. Often I'm in classes for enterprise-level software with instructors giving examples about "sales and marketing" and manufacturing of widgets.”

NERCOMP and New Horizons look forward to expanding this program in the future to bring additional training services to the NERCOMP membership. New Horizons representative Sharon Alberino says:  “We have been working together with NERCOMP for the past few years to provide training courses that will make an impact in the higher education space.  We strive to find trends that will help people to be more efficient and solve business needs.  We are always open to suggestions and love to hear from people in different roles about what may be needed!”

To provide feedback on upcoming training opportunities email:, and don’t forget to register for upcoming events here.

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