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Partners/Licensing Agreements/Adobe ETLA Site License

Adobe ETLA Site License

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License Start Date:

September 27, 2019

License End Date:

September 27, 2022

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Helpful IT deployment issue resolution ideas from Adobe:

  • When you have an issue, please consider the following:
    • Has your enterprise agreement expired? That may cause an interruption in service.
    • If you have an Adobe ID, you will need to log in as a personal account, compared to a company/school account for an Enterprise or Federated ID.
    • Are you using an ID that is different than the one that is added in the Admin Console?
    • Please make sure you are accessing the correct Admin Console? You may be intending to enter the enterprise console (NERCOMP -) prefix and have entered a VIP one.
    • Are you logging in at the right link:
    • If a user can’t access Creative Cloud, have you given that user ID All Apps in the Admin Console instead of just adding that user in the console?
    • Perhaps you have an access issue because a serial key is expiring on a machine? Adobe is encouraging institutions to migrate all users to a Named User format in the Admin Console. If you have a serial key on a machine AND a Named User is logging in, there shouldn’t be an interruption in access with the Named User log in.
  • If you have considered or confirmed all of the above, and there is still an issue:
    • Please open a case in the Support tab of your Adobe Admin Console. When you open a case, you will receive a case number that starts with an e.
    • You may also call our enterprise customer support number at 800-685-2950.
    • If within after 24 hours after opening a case, and you aren’t getting satisfactory progress towards resolution with Adobe Support, please email Steven Watson (, and he will escalate the case to another level of support.

Technical Support Options for Students – A Guide for Higher Education Enterprise Customers


Adobe is holding a highly curated series of 30 minute virtual events with the CSUEA, featuring the co-writer/editor of Netflix’s Stowaway, the Tech Director of Late Night Cartoons, the Creative Director/Co-founder of Territory Studio, an Adobe leader of Pro Video Cloud Workflows and more. You can register here .

Please share this information with all faculty, staff and students you think might be interested:

9:00am PT: Delivering a Film in a Pandemic: Post Production with the co-writer/editor of Netflix’s Stowaway.

Ryan Morrison details his journey to design a time saving, remote editing workflow for what has been called the ultimate pandemic film. He'll also discuss his unique career path as both a writer and editor and how to break into the industry.

9:30am PT: Vision Quest: The Future of Motion Design with Territory Studio

Territory Studio is combining design, story, and technology to create groundbreaking effects for Hollywood films and real-world products. Creative Director / Co-Founder Marti Romances will discuss the process of bringing UI and UX to the silver screen, as well as to brands, services, and IP’s. Marti will reveal his Adobe creative toolset used to create experiences for cineastes and consumers alike. Break through the digital noise and walk away with a checklist of do’s and don'ts to apply to your next creative workflow!

 10:00am PT: Evolving Broadcast Animation Production with Late Night Cartoons

In 2017 Technical Director Brian Maffitt helped build one of the largest animation studios in New York City in record time, going from an empty floor of a Broadway Theater to delivering prime time broadcast episodes in 6 months. Three years later the whole thing had to be reinvented for remote production due to COVID.

10:30am PT: The Future is Now: Remote Editing Workflows with Adobe

Remote editing workflows rapidly became the new normal in 2020, and will remain so even after co-located teams return. We’ll talk about what this means for creative workflows & tools, team collaboration, and productivity, and the rise of cloud-powered technologies. Presented by Margot Nack, Senior Manager, ProductPro Video Cloud Workflows at Adobe.


Creative Cloud for Enterprise Overview: Creative Cloud for Enterprise Overview 2020

March 13, 2020

Adobe has stepped up to help offer temporary student use of Adobe Create Cloud on their personal devices

Please review this announcement and let  us know if there are any questions.

Excerpt from this announcement

Starting today, we’re giving our higher education and K-12 institutional customers globally — who currently make Creative Cloud apps available to students who login through on-campus labs — the ability to request temporary “at-home” access for their students and educators. This will be granted through May 31, 2020 at no additional cost. To learn more and request access, please follow this link.

We also know that delivering engaging experiences through distance learning is a new paradigm for many teachers and faculty. Through our community, we’ve curated resources to help educators and school leaders discover inspiring projects, best practices, and new ideas so they can continue to drive valuable learning in virtual environments. For more information on Adobe’s distance learning resources please click here.

Adobe also has a vital role to play in schools, businesses, and government agencies, and earlier this week we began to offer free 90-day access to Adobe Connect, our web conferencing solution, until July 1, 2020. This offer gives users the ability to join meetings, trainings, and virtual classrooms from the safety of their homes. To learn more, please check out the Adobe Connect blog here.

As our education customers work to ensure both safety and learning continuity in their communities, it is our goal to help them with the tools they need to move through these uncertain times. Our commitment to do so in a seamless way continues to be unwavering.


NERCOMP Is pleased to announce that we have executed a new agreement with Adobe to provide NERCOMP Members significant savings on their Adobe products.  The new Adobe ETLA Agreement has  three great offerings, including options to include all or some faculty and staff,  and all or none of your students.

View the June 12th Webinar with NERCOMP/SHI and Adobe reviewing the contract HERE

Slides: Nercomp Adobe 2019-2022 ETLA Agreement_MC



Adobe Creative Cloud Across the Curriculum (fee ebook by a professor)
Make It Center (free)
Portfolio Showcase by Adobe
Adobe Training
Adobe Youtube Channel
Adobe Education Exchange

The following Terms and Conditions apply to this agreement:

Adobe Desktop Software PSLT 2019v1 released April 9, 2019

Creative Cloud and Document Cloud PSLT 2019v1 released April 9, 2019

Adobe General Terms 2017v1

This agreement is limited to regular NERCOMP members as defined by the NERCOMP by-laws (that is, state, municipal or non-profit accredited institutions of education, which are authorized to grant degrees, from the states of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont). Adobe will review FTE count and other organizational details prior to formal acceptance.

Legal Note:

NERCOMP negotiates the best prices and terms possible for its members and works with outside legal counsel to facilitate the arrangements between NERCOMP and the vendors. Any license or agreement accessed or entered into as a benefit of a Consortium Member’s NERCOMP membership is contingent on that institution remaining an active NERCOMP member for the full term of the license or agreement.  For example, if a license agreement lasts for a 3 year term, then the Consortium Member must renew its annual NERCOMP membership at least twice to remain an active Consortium Member for the full 3 year term. Failure of a Consortium Member to timely renew its NERCOMP membership status during the term of the license or agreement may result in either a) termination of the license or agreement or b) loss of the discount pricing available exclusively to NERCOMP Consortium members.

Outside counsel conducts an initial legal review of licenses and agreements on behalf of NERCOMP but does not provide an individualized review on behalf of any particular member institution. Each member institution signs its contracts with vendors individually and the institution itself is liable for the rights and obligations therein. Members are strongly encouraged to have their contracts reviewed internally by their own counsel.

NERCOMP also negotiates separate agreements with individual vendors governing NERCOMP’s own relationship with the vendor. Although NERCOMP members are not parties to these agreements, NERCOMP will make copies of available to any member for review, upon request.

Archival materials on this site are not necessarily accessible. NERCOMP will timely respond to any specific requests to make any specific document accessible.

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