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Spaces for Making: Case Studies in development, support, and practical workflows for Digital Fabrication

Speaker: Timothy Hebert

I am one of the co-founders of the Brandeis MakerLab, specializing in embedded systems, soldering, and robotics.  I graduated in 2013 from Rochester Institute of Technology with a degree in Computer Engineering Technology.  My primary job at Brandeis University is as the computer specialist of the Media and Technology Systems group.   In MTS, I am responsible for the on-site computers and group collaboration tools in classrooms and other technology spaces on campus, covering around 200 locations.  I have a background in FIRST robotics both as a participant for seven years as well as a mentor for FRC (high school) and FLL (middle school) teams.  My hobbies include 3D printing, video editing, cars, programming and multirotors! 

Speaker: Douglas Higgins

Douglas is an Instructional Technologist at Colgate University, a liberal arts institution located in Hamilton, New York. He received a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from University at Buffalo, and a Masters of Science in Adolescence Education from Utica College. Doug joined Colgate University following a career in engineering and teaching, during which he developed an appreciation for the use of technology in education. With over 10 years of teaching experience in the secondary and collegiate levels, he has combined pedagogy with technology through a variety of applications. Over the past two years he has explored the use of 3D printing  and drones to support teaching and learning in and out of the classroom.

Speaker: Ahmad Khazaee

Ahmad is Assistant Director of End User Support at Colgate University. A tinkerer, inventor, problem solver, and “get it done” person, he understands faculty and staff learning objectives and helps them design and implement technologies. He is interested in emerging technologies, which he quickly masters and teaches others to use. This includes quadcopters, which he has constructed and programmed from scratch. He is primarily responsible for training student operators and creating the documentation and logistics to deploy UAS systems in the field. Khazaee is a member of the Village of Hamilton Volunteer Fire Department and the Hamilton Lions Club.

Speaker: Ian Roy

Ian is the Assistant Director for Research Technology and Innovation and the Founding Head of the Brandeis MakerLab. He works with researchers to overcome the technological hurdles they encounter in their workflows, top to bottom, and is constantly running local pilots in new technologies to address their needs. His work touches on desktop/laptop/server break-fix, digital forensics and security tools, institutional storage of Big Data, Cloud collaboration and backup, and many of the new toolsets in the Maker community, including support of touch and gesture inputs, multiple displays, VR/AR/HMDs, 3D printing, 3D scanning, robotics, drones, and embedded systems.

Ian is descended from samurai and has studied Japanese sword for over 10 years. He is also a Brandeis alumnus, graduating in 2005 with dual majors in Philosophy and Economics and a concentration in Film Studies. From 2005 to 2010, he worked for a high end jeweler in downtown Los Angeles as the in-house photographer. He has a strong background in digital photography, digital fabrication, and new media marketing. He has also read and pitched around 1000 screenplays as a professional screenplay reader in Los Angeles. He Helped organize four 24-hour hackathons at Brandeis in 2015 and is currently the staff advisor to Deis3D and BITMAP.

Speaker: Jordan Tynes

Jordan is a Research and Instructional Technologist at Wellesley College, specializing in creative media production. He received a BFA from the University of California, Santa Cruz and a MFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Jordan is very excited to be involved with new media and digital fabrication at Wellesley, looking to new tools and technology to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration across campus. He is currently investigating the impact of 3D modeling and aerial imaging on the way humanities disciplines conduct research.

Speaker: Hazal Uzunkaya

Hazal works at Brandeis University as the Research Technology Specialist. While she was studying Neuroscience and Physics at Brandeis, she started working with Ian Roy as a student worker. That summer she helped with the establishment of Brandeis MakerLab. Now she is in charge of the day to day operations of the Brandeis MakerLab, where any student, faculty, or staff can learn to use a variety of technologies such as 3D Printers, 3D Scanners, Head Mounted Displays, embedded systems, robotics and many more. Along with Roy, she has built and mentored the student worker group and the physical organization, branding, training and access models of the Brandeis MakerLab. 

Hazal has worked in a variety of professions, from working as a translator in a major newspaper to working at a genetics lab. She also is the co-founder and president of a non-profit organization which unifies students while creating networking opportunities. She has experience in many different work spaces, and has helped develop a ticketing system for the equipment used in the MakerLab, set-up a card access and training certification programs, helped to define student programs including the Research Technology and Innovation student worker program and the Makers-in-Residence program. She is also the advisor the the Brandeis Prosthetics club.



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