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Let Your Data Tell a Story: Building a Practice of Data-Driven Decision-Making

Series Information

Building a Culture of Data-Driven Decision-Making
This is a 3-part workshop series (you are not required to attend all three to participate).

What does data-driven decision-making mean in higher education? In a data-driven culture, decisions are made based on factual verifiable information.

There are so many opportunities to capture data beginning with prospective students, active students through graduation, and also alumni; as well as from technology, software, and systems that are used by students, faculty, and staff. Data can be used to understand our key stakeholders and how to better meet their needs; assessing if we are meeting our goals and objectives. Data enables us to consider how to optimize operations and gives us actionable insights.

This three-part workshop series provides hands-on sessions on Harvesting the Data, Storytelling with Data, and Driving Action with Data to explore the science and methods that active practitioners are using in higher education to gather and report on data to drive effective decision-making.

Join your colleagues for one, two, or all three!

Dates & Locations:
Session 1: Harvesting the Data | October 30, 2019, Forefront Center, Waltham, MA
Organizers: Kara Amana of Harvard Business School and Jing Qi of Dartmouth College

Learning objectives Session 1: By the end of the first session, participants should be able to identify best practices for harvesting and manipulating data.

Session 2: Storytelling with Data | February 27, 2020,  UMass Amherst, MA
Organizers: Rachael Coombes of Wellesley College and Kevin Murphy of Tufts University

Learning objectives Session 2: By the end of the second session, participants should be able to prepare data for use in visualization, blend multiple data sources and create self-service dashboards that enable their users to understand the data and find new insights.

Session 3: Driving Action with Data | June 11, 2020, Fairfield University, Fairfield CT
Organizers: Jeremy Anderson of Bay Path University and Deborah Gelch of Curry College

Learning objectives Session 3: By the end of the third session, participants should be able to describe the methods and tools for analysis that can drive effective decision-making.

Full Series Learning Objectives: Participants who complete all three workshops, should be able to contribute to administrative decision-making at their institution in the selection and use of effective tools and practices for gathering and reporting on data.

**Those that attend all three workshops will receive a certificate of completion**

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