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Professional Development = PDOs

We've changed the name of our workshop series, and addied even more great content and options! Click the "read more" for the details.

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Registration is open for workshop on Open Education Resources (OER). "Is Education Open for Business?" Sept 22 #OER 9/2/14 7:01 am

We have a new virtual workshop, “Meaningful Personal Development in the Workplace”, scheduled for Sept 25.  9/1/14 10:35 am

Join us for "Configuring "Layer 8" - Helping people understand why they should care about cyber security" Sept 22!  9/1/14 7:01 am

Building a Professional Development Program for IT -- October 17 workshop. More information at:  8/31/14 7:01 am

RT @joleewest: Interesting that 90% of surveyed college students (still?) take notes on paper.  8/30/14 9:35 am

NERCOMP 2014 Video Page

Couldn't make NERCOMP 2014? You can still see some of the sghts & sounds at:

NERCOMP Google Plus video page

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