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Professional Development 2016

11/ 5/2015

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Training Student Workers & The New Leadership Challenge - you don't want to miss these PDOs on 11/13! Register:  11/4/15 2:12 pm

Need a better understanding of the many types of active teaching & learning spaces? ┬áCheck out this PDO on 11/13:  10/28/15 11:05 am

A student-supported help desk is critical at many institutions. Discuss different training strategies on 11/13 -  10/28/15 7:01 am

11/13 is our next PDO day! Many sessions to support the work you do, including:┬áThe New, New Leadership Challenge -  10/27/15 4:55 pm

A powerful presentation on life after incarceration at @northshore_cc from the Forum on Tolerance  10/22/15 5:56 pm

Vendor & Licensing

Third Quarter Update

10/ 1/2015

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