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Proposal Deadline October 19

NC16 Call for Proposals

09/ 1/2015

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Need to address demands on wireless networks? Ubiquitous wireless is just the start. Find an answer on 10/19 -  10/7/15 3:02 pm

Calling all @blackboard schools! Don't miss our fall 2015 Blackboard User Group on Monday, 10/19. Register now:  10/7/15 10:45 am

Don't let snow (or sleet or rain) get in the way of your classes again! Learn more on 10/19!  10/7/15 6:01 am

Student workers are invaluable! Learn how to increase their involvement on 10/19-Library Operations and Promotion  10/6/15 6:10 pm

Don't miss our workshops on Monday, 10/19! There's something for everyone this month!  10/6/15 2:56 pm

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