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Monday, February 11, 2013

Mobile unSIG: Roam If You Want To

Where: University of Massachusetts - Amherst
Campus Center, First Floor
Campus Center Way
Amherst, Massachusetts

When:9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Note: Registration starts at 7:30am

Workshop Organizer: Jes Caron and Erin DeSilva both of Worcester Polytechnic Institute

This unSIG brings together all members of the higher education community interested in the impacts and evolution of mobile technology on campus. A rapidly evolving sector, mobile technology is challenging all members of the university community and the unSIG format allows for a day of discussion, collaboration, learning, exchange of ideas and best practices. Whether you are a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) campus or you have a planned program for mobile device deployment, everyone has something to share and something to learn. Mobile devices in education blur the line between technical and pedagogical support. Conversations will develop from and blend multiple perspectives: Help Desk, policy planning, faculty instructional support and faculty teaching.

The Mobile unSIG will allow you to propose discussion topics (as opposed to presentations) on the issues that matter most to you and have these conversations with other education professionals.

Attendees may include:
Faculty using mobile in teaching and learning activities,
Help Desk personnel supporting mobile on campus,
Instructional Technologists/Designers supporting and designing mobile education resources,
Librarians supporting mobile instruction and research,
Anyone wanting to learn more,
Staff involved in policy, planning, purchasing and legal issues

The format of the unSIG:
The unconference format empowers participants to craft the agenda and provides opportunities for them to be the conversation facilitators. Participants will collaborate on the topics covered in discussions. This means that the agenda will include the issues and concerns that are most significant to attendees on the day of the event.

All registered attendees will have an opportunity to propose a topic, facilitate a discussion and contribute based on their own experience and interest at the unSIG.

What to expect when you arrive:
• Flexible: Room for exploration!
• Participatory: The people who come are the people who lead!
• FUN!


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