Creating an IT Innovation Lab to Promote Student Career-Readiness in STEM Fields

Creating an IT Innovation Lab to Promote Student Career-Readiness in STEM Fields

Where: University of Massachusetts - Amherst
Campus Center
First Floor Campus Center Way
Amherst, MA
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When: Tuesday, May 22, 2018
9:00am - 3:00pm 
Note: Registration starts at 7:30am

Workshop Organizers: Meenakshi Baker, Gregory Fisher, David Gardner & James Walsh all of New York University 

Registration Fee:
NERCOMP Member: $145
Non-Member: $290

Event Overview
An IT innovation lab is a critical component of any forward-thinking education institution. The lab connects STEM students with production projects, enabling them to develop practical skills not only in coding and development, but also in presentation and in professional, interpersonal collaboration. These skills are essential as students build confidence and prepare for the next chapter in their lives, whether that be post-secondary studies or entry into their careers. Educational institutions benefit from increased career-readiness among their students. They also receive the fresh, innovative perspectives on projects and problems that students naturally bring.

This interactive workshop will enable participants to take away answers to the following questions:
  - What is an IT Innovation Lab?
  - Why is it needed, and what benefits will it provide to the institution?
  - How to develop a Business Plan for the creation of a Lab?
  - How to identify the stakeholders who will enable the creation of the Lab?
  - How to involve students to facilitate participation in the Lab?
  - How to build effective partnerships with technology companies and local institutions for creation and development of the Lab?
  - How to develop metrics to determine the effectiveness of the training program and subsequent shadowing of actual projects?
  - How to interpret the results of these metrics and determine steps to further improve and enhance the program? 

Leaning Outcomes:
  - Understand how an IT Innovation Lab can help in student career-readiness.
  - Create a Business Plan specific to their institution identifying internal stakeholders and technology partners.
  - Develop and use metrics to enhance their students' experiences in the Lab.


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