Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Who, What, When, Where and How

Phyllis Breland
Phyllis A.H. Breland, Director of Opportunity Programs and Interim Director of Days-Massolo Center. at Hamilton, is a Class of 1980 Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity (HEOP) graduate of Hamilton College. She received her Masters of Education in Instructional Design in 2003. Her work experience includes program development, marketing, empowerment/assertiveness training, volunteer recruitment, health education, quality assurance, motivational speaking and policy development. She begins her journey with students at the middle school level working on violence prevention, academic preparedness and the art of "dreaming big." She works closely with junior high schools, high schools, churches, community groups and organizations throughout the State of New York in an effort to bring the hope of higher education to all students. Her favorite sayings are "if you are on time, then you are late," and telling her students "I won’t ever ask you to do anything, that I am not willing to help you with."

Phyllis is currently President of the New York State Higher Education Opportunity Program Professional Organization (HEOPPO), and Recording Secretary for the Tri-State Consortium (New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania). Her affiliations include the YWCA, Mohawk Valley Junior Frontiers, Boys and Girls Club of Mohawk Valley, Underground Café, Young Scholars and she works closely with colleges in the upstate New York region. Active in the Hamilton College community, she has served on several committees, participates in activities in support of increasing ethnic diversity, and enhancing the student's academic experience. She currently sits on Hamilton College's Inclusion Work Group, and is regularly invited to present on issues of time management, and developing individualized learning programs.